Precious Metal Trading

PRECIOUS METAL TRADING  We are involved in trading, import and export of precious metal trading. We have a robust procurement channel and number of well established suppliers which help us maintain a steady supply chain. Our customers are based in various countries such as India, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates etc to whom we sell our products. We also have strategic relationship with reputed refineries in India, UAE and Hong Kong who purchase our products, expanding our customer base. 

We deal in all sorts Gold forms and Silver, primarily Gold Dore, 9999 and 995.

Base Metals Trading

Base Metal Trading  We are involved in trading, import and Export of base metals such as Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Aluminium etc. Base Metals are non ferrous metals that are neither precious nor noble metals. Base Metals have a wide variety of industrial as well as commercial applications. We have strategic tie up with several bonded warehouses in various countries which facilitate the storage of movement of our goods. 

Jewellery Trading

Jewellery Trading  We are involved in trading, import and Export of Jewellery. Our Jewellery products primarily comprises of 22 Karat plain Gold jewellery such as chains, bracelets and medallions. We have strong relationship with corporates involved in fine artisanal jewellery.  Simple basic jewellery never goes out of vogue and its demand worldwide remains steady. Procuring from companies involved in producing jewellery in large scale with minimal costs and implementing lean operations in our supply chain help us keep our cost price which we pass on to our buyers. This helps us maintain a strong and long lasting business relationship.